Voice over IP

Voice over IP

Enhance your Communication

Communication is the staple of every successful business, though emails and messages are a valid means of conveying information, Realtime communication remains the most effective method of interacting with both customers and employees alike. This steers businesses towards using traditional landlines, which will quickly prove ineffective due to varies critical issues such as, overwhelming costs, line immobility, as well as being unable to configure or customize the given lines. And that’s where we come in, offering full installation and configuration of VoIP communication systems.

With a fraction of the maintenance cost, IP phones significantly increase communication quality, while also enabling full customization over the phone lines, allowing for higher scalability for your business growth.

Utilizing PoE ports, IP phones will not require a separate power cable, cutting the cable clutter by half, Saving even more costs on additional electrical wiring.

Utilizing IP phones, web client, as well as mobile app, 3CX provides you with essential business utilities such as:

  • linking the office extension to the user rather than the office itself, this is especially useful for working from home situations, allowing the office number to be used directly from your phone/browser.
  • Free calls between all your setup devices from all around the globe.
  • The ability to transfer calls from your main business number to individual users through their designated extensions.
  • Monitor and record all incoming and outgoing calls.
  • Configure auto answering machine based on your work schedule.

As well as countless other features that will improve communications across your entire company, boosting productivity, all while maintaining a high degree of convenience.